Our Stations

  • Limbunya Station


    Limbunya is situated approximately 650 kilometres South West of Katherine along the Buntine Highway and only 100 kilometres from the Western Australia Border. It is 5200 sq. kilometres in area and has an annual rainfall of 650mm. Limbunya runs 37,000 head of predominately Brahman cattle. We anticipate to expand our total count to 41,500 over the next two years.

    Majority of mustering is done via helicopters due to the vast area of land to cover. Newly built yards have been strategically placed to reduce the amount of distance the cattle walk making it less stressful for the animals and easier for the staff to process. The station is lush with natural valleys, gorges and creeks. Black springs is a favourite destination for staff on their days off for fishing, swimming and cooking the days catch on the bbq.