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North Star Pastoral run a herd of over 60,000 Brahman and Brahman Cross cattle.

Brahman Cattle are a Bos Indicus breed (originated in India) that are well suited to the conditions of the Northern Territory for a multitude of reasons. They are highly adaptable; their thick skin helps their resistance to parasites, their glossy, sleek hair reflects much of the sun’s rays, and their additional loose-fitting skin assists them in the hotter months as they sweat through their pores much like humans.

Brahman cattle also perform impressively as a carcase with exceptional muscle development, uniform, even fat cover, and lower levels of intramuscular fat which leads to less waste.

Brahman Stud Bulls have been introduced to the breeding herd over the past decade, and coupled with the Rumen Development Program has supported a highly efficient breeding herd with increased breeder cycling through early weaning.